Why Your Bathroom Is Not Safe?

Do your loved ones experience arthritis, dementia, poor eyesight, balance, and hearing? Not to mention the medication side effects are all factors that could all make a short trip to your bathroom a potentially dangerous task.

The reports from the National Institute of Aging show that nearly 80% of falls by older people occur in the bathroom. A bathroom often has wet flooring and other surfaces and unsteady seniors are more prone to falling and injuring themselves.

With bathroom floors becoming slippery after a shower or bath, it’s easy to see why the bathroom can be a dangerous place.

Too much Soap and Shampoo

bathroom slip, shampoo, soap foam

Who doesn’t love playing with soap and shampoo’s bubble that often times we use too much of it? Too much soap can sting your eyes, or irritate sensitive skin and it can also cause falls while taking a bath or after having a bath. The floor will be too slippery for you that will cause your fall. So from now on, use ENOUGH soap to prevent you from falling.

Sharp Objects

bathroom, sharp objects in bathroom

We also keep sharp objects in the bathroom, but we forgot that it can cause an accident. The wires of the razor or hair straightening can cause trip and fall. What you can do is to make sure that all sharp objects are kept in proper storage inside the bathroom to prevent accidents. Also, make sure that they are kept within reach especially for elders.

Bathtub And Shower Slip

bathtub, shower slip, shower tub

The most common cause of injury was slipping and falling. Bathtub and shower are the most slippery inside the bathroom so you have to take extra care in cleaning and installing non-slip stickers, non-slippery rugs or mats. There are assistive products you can install and buy in the market today for your bathtub and shower. A shower chair is essential for elders, and grab bars are important when they are getting in or leaving the bathroom.

Bathroom Mold

bathroom molds

Molds build up over time in a moist and warm environment. Molds vary depending on its type, there is mold which causes respiratory issues and health issues. Ensure that you’re checking hidden areas for signs of mold in the bathroom. Elders have a weak body, if your bathroom is full of molds, it can cause health problems. Always make sure that you clean your bathroom and remove any signs of mold.


toilet, mattress, bathroom

The report shows that the elder fell mostly near a toilet while children in the shower or tub. It’s wise to install toilet stool, grab bar, and anti-slip stickers to prevent any fall. For the toilet, make sure that you always clean. Make the bathroom floor always dry and neat to avoid any slip.

Final Thoughts

The bathroom is dangerous, yes! But, with proper organizing and cleaning, your bathroom can be a safe haven as well for everyone. Just always remember that you have to clean it, keep it dry and install recommended elderly care products in the bathroom.

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