Best Hidden Screen Recorder App – Theonespy Review 2020

Are you suspicious if your spouse is cheating on you? Well, this might be the case or you can be just killing yourself with all the false doubts. However, life is not always in its ideal state. Our mind is a complex part of the body when it comes to relationships, we are reluctant in communicating our doubts.

Or in case you gather courage, this might not end up well and another person may lie to you on your face. So, if you are worried for their safety and do not want to ruin your relationship on any petty argument, you can use the hidden screen recorder. TheOneSpy is helping people in this matter for many years.

Why TOS is the top choice of parents and Employers?

It is hard to find out the best app when you have too many options lying in front of you. In the time of technology and digital era, we are often confused. However, we can here talk about the one that is most preferred by the people either parents or employers. So, let’s see why TOS is one of the best options for you.

Let’s begin by talking about its features and functions that will help you in identifying the importance of the app.

· Track Calls & messages

The privilege of understanding your kids or getting a sneak peek on the activities of your employees can get through this feature of the app. It seems suspicious to many but has been a great help to learn about someone’s life without making them uncomfortable.

· Social media monitoring

Social media has become a big source of misinformation, bully, and a distraction for professionals. So, to watch out for the screen time for your kids or to limit the use of it for an employer, the app is enabling you to monitor their activity. And you can take action accordingly.

· Live 360 streaming

Live 360 streaming is the facility to stay informed about the current situation and location of anyone. It is benefiting parents by allowing them to be aware of the company of your kids. Moreover, employers can stay informed about the activities of their employees through it. You can use this feature for live streaming.

· Location tracking

GPS location tracking is not that easy with any application. Mostly lack the accuracy and misguide you about the direction and exact pin. So, with TheOneSpy, you will always get the exact pin without any misguidance about the path or the road.

· Media tracking

Want to know the kind of media your employers or children are sharing? Well, this app will provide you a way for that too. So, you can track the media and get to know the media they are downloading or shoring further with their friends or colleagues.

· Key logger

A keylogger is a feature to allow you to track their messages through the keylogger. You can judge their conversations through the typed words and also track their passwords from a keylogger feature.

· VOIP call history

You can bug the microphones and speakers to track hire calls. Moreover, the feature enables you to track all the history even if you cannot listen to the ongoing conversation. This is most beneficial for employers. If your employee is using the device of an office to contact vendors, you can keep the track of their call history for your good. It can be done by telling them or you can also perform the spying activity anonymously.


In the end, it is all about the quality of the app. You need accuracy and perfection. So, you need to get the app that will never disappoint you when it comes to quality. Therefore, the TheOneSpy app is an amazing choice for parents and employers. Most people prefer it because of the accuracy it offers in providing the functionality of the features.

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