How Can SEO Increase Web Traffic

SEO or Search Engine Optimization of your website is crucial to generate qualified and organic leads. By recognizing the targeted audiences, market, and creating a data-driven, strategic SEO strategy, you can efficiently market your website virtually. It is vital for you to understand that SEO is Google’s way to recognize and identify the websites that deserve higher rankings on search results. The absence of SEO makes it difficult for websites to manipulate the search results and as a result, the website won’t rank higher on SERPs.

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SEO company in India focuses on keeping the search results fair while reducing the abilities to exploit search results to a higher extent. It won’t be exaggerated to state that SEO basically helps all the deserving websites to show up on top of SERPs.

Benefits of SEO for Businesses Website:-

As mentioned, SEO helps businesses to create a user-friendly, powerful, and faster website which can rank higher on SERPs. In simple terms, SEO optimizes the business website to attract prospects to the website, increase the influx of organic traffic, and ultimately boosting the conversion rates.

When the website is optimized for Google or other search engines, it creates brand awareness and users start showing up trust in the websites. Being the owner of an online venture, optimizing the website for search engines is important to create a robust web presence and increase the new customer base. Over 60% of Digital Marketers admit that SEO helps in creating more organic leads than other marketing strategies.

SEO not only optimizes the website for search engines but also helps in creating user-friendly and faster websites. The modern-day SEO is all about optimizing the website for a better user experience. So, the benefits of SEO are limitless and it is up to you how you use it to boost your business.

Advanced SEO Methods for Success of Website in 2020 

  • Prioritize Mobile-First Ranking – As per surveys, over 70% of internet users will browse the internet via their mobile device by 2025. So, being the website owner you need to ensure that your website is not only limited to the desktop but also accessible on mobile devices. After Mobile-First Indexing by Google, it is becoming essential for all websites to be mobile-friendly. Mobile-First Indexing means Google will now use the mobile version websites for ranking and indexing.
  • Optimization for Loading Speed – The loading speed of the website is another ranking factor in 2020. Websites are optimized today to offer a greater user experience. The website that attracts new customers and returning customers is more likely to perform optimally than others. Google has already indicated that the loading speed of the website is the crucial signal used by the algorithms to decide the ranks. So, instead of discouraging the customers with the slow loading speed, you must focus more on optimizing the website for faster speed in 2020 to rank higher.
  • Video Contents – If you are focused on increasing the conversion rate in 2020, then ensure to create video content for your website in 2020. The increasing numbers of Smartphone users, rise in stories in social platforms and the way users have started consuming media have truly increased the demand for video content than ever before. The Best Digital Marketing Agency believes that video content is quite substantial in 2020 and this indicates that businesses must use video content as a part of their SEO strategy.
  • Voice Search Ranking – Voice Search is another new concept in SEO which you must use in 2020. According to a survey, 50% of all searches are performed via voice on Google. Voice search option allows the users to speak their keywords into the device rather than manually typing it. It may seem to be a new concept, but this technology is here to last longer, and to take advantage of this technology you must focus on improving your voice search ranking.
  • Schema Markup – Despite different updates in the algorithm, the content always remains the king and leading ranking factor in SEO. Over the years, search engines have understood the behavior of users, queries, and intent of users and hence they provide relevant results. Schema Mark-up and structured data play a crucial role in helping the websites to convey information to search engines and crawlers efficiently and systematically. Because of structured data and schema, Google and other major search engines can now show up the direct answer to the questions or pull up appropriate rich snippets. So, it is a powerful tool for SEO in the coming years.

SEO is a crucial tool for businesses and websites to survive and stay ahead in this competitive market. It not only helps in improving the ranking on SERPs but also boosts the conversion rates of the businesses.

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