Sugaring (Hair Removal With Sugar Wax)

Still, I am convinced that body hair is useful. Especially around body openings …

I once read a study about the beard (in men of course). Conclusion: more bacteria can circulate in the hair (seems negative but wait, read on). These bacteria live together with us, this is normally called our flora. You normally have flora everywhere. In your: ears, eyes, nose, throat, intestines, vagina, … These ensure that bacteria and viruses that do not have to be there can be attacked. So these “safari parks” are actually the army of our body cavities. (attention, antibiotics also attack your safari parks, so if not necessary, do not use)

Due to hair growth, there would be even more emptiness, so that pathogenic microorganisms that want to penetrate are attacked before they enter, so in the hair (beard, pubic hair, etc…).

So if we continue the line for a moment, we now live too hygienically. We destroy too much normal flora so that we get more pathogenic bacteria and viruses … This is my conclusion anyway …

Also about the hair itself! Learn more sugar wax

Of course, hair is not necessary everywhere, I think. Legs, bikini line, armpit… everyone has his / her opinion, but that can leave me.

I had an epilating machine for years and it went fine on my feet. But it has been broken for a while. Then just use the razor …

But aren’t there any alternatives we can make ourselves?

One thing is for sure, I want to remove the hair longer. So waxing!

When waxing you pull the hairs out. This keeps them away longer and makes them softer when they grow back.

Online I found a recipe to make sugar wax yourself. You make it yourself so you know what’s in it! Very important.

This recipe contains sugar, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, and water…. What I can eat can be on my body! Otherwise not!

Okay, let’s get started!



  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • pan
  • heat resistant jar

Preparation method

Add everything you need to a saucepan and put on the heat. I use unrefined sugar, it is slightly darker. Let it simmer until the color of the syrup changes to a deeper golden color (color of honey). Then pour everything, without cooling, into your heat-resistant jar. Let cool to body temperature. The wax thickens when it cools.


Measure the temperature with a thermometer or something.

Sugar is soooooo warm! This can cause severe burns! So never put your fingers in to feel if it is still warm!

Now you have 2 methods

Warm method

Warm the sugar wax on au-bain-marie (place the jar with wax over boiling water) or in the microwave, but only 10 to 20 seconds at a time. Measure the temperature before you use it! Around 38 to 39 degrees is good, if you can tolerate warmer it can be warmer but watch out! Stir the sugar wax well.

It is now ready for use.

Use the back of a knife (not the cutting edge of course) or fork or spoon or with a wooden spatula a thin strip on the area to be removed. Spread the sugar wax against the grain. Then put on a piece of textile. Press and pull everything off with the hairs in 1 pull. Repeat if necessary.

As a textile, you can cut an older t-shirt or handkerchief into strips. You can rinse it out after use and keep it washed for the next wax turn.

Cold method

Wet your fingers with a little cold water. Take with a little bit of sugar wax, which is now quite firm. Pull the wax apart and back together with your fingers until it becomes slightly weaker and slightly stickier (kneading). The wax also changes color, it becomes “whiter”. Now rub the wax, with your fingers, open in a thin layer on the area to be depilated, against the direction of the hair. Pull it back off with your fingers along with the hair. When after a while the wax becomes more difficult to handle or there are too many hairs in your balls of wax, you take new.

The leftover wax that would remain can easily be washed away with some water (not most resins from the store). It takes some practice in the beginning but I really enjoy using it.

I used the cold method on my legs until now. You have the advantage that you do not need textile cloths. Sometimes I had to go over the same part several times. And the thinner you spread, the better the sugar wax takes hairs. I found it less painful than epilating with my little machine.

My fingers in particular hurt a bit from the smearing.

For waxing, it is necessary that the hairs are slightly longer. But that’s the case with waxing in general.

Bikini line and armpits are still on the program… I’m a bit afraid of that…. Would be painful, I’ve already heard …

I will let you know how this went …

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