5 Platforms For Digital Advertising

Types of Digital Advertising Platforms

When it comes to looking for a way to advertise or promote your product or service in the new digital world, this search can seem overwhelming in this sea of ​​information. However, there are digital advertising platforms that help you with this task.

Main digital advertising platforms.

Regardless of whether you have a website, an eCommerce, or a blog, you surely need to promote yourself on the Internet through digital marketing strategies such as banners or videos. Here are the following online advertising platforms:

1.- Google Adwords.

The internet search giant has one of the leading digital advertising management platforms. Through its sponsored ads, interested parties can promote themselves in the search engine, on web portals, associated applications, and videos. They work with keywords, placements, and ad ranking (which will depend on the bids and the quality factor).

This Google platform is easy to access, with no minimum or maximum investment, it works with segmentation and you can advertise all over the world and in different languages. It is highly recommended for any marketing department. Learn more about construction digital marketing

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2.- Bing Ads

It is the platform of Yahoo and Microsoft. It is very similar to Google Adwords and your ads appear on the Bing and Yahoo search engines. The difference is that here you must establish a daily budget and also allow a monthly one. An advantage over Google Adwords is that there are fewer advertisers and, therefore, less competition and better profitability. The downside is that there are countries, like Spain, where Google prevails.

Digital advertising on Social Networks

3.- Facebook Ads

A good digital marketing strategy for businesses is what we find on the social network Facebook. With this, it is possible to promote your brand, increase the number of friends or followers, promote video content, and attract potential customers.

In this platform, they are paid according to the impressions or clicks they get and interactions There is a minimum budget to cover. Its advantages offer great segmentation, more than one billion active users, and fewer restrictions than Adwords.

4.- LinkedIn Ads

Platform similar to that of Facebook Ads, since also on LinkedIn you can promote your brand and attract visits to your website, as well as get potential customers.

Like Facebook Ads, ads are paid based on impressions or clicks they have. You must have a minimum budget. It has advantages such as metrics, easy access, segmentation by professional fields; and downsides: very limited targeting, very expensive bids, variable ad effectiveness, and very low engagement.

5.- Twitter Ads

The bluebird social network is not far behind in online advertising, since through this platform you can also promote your brand or corporate account. Likewise, you can promote tweets to get visits to your site or leads, appear in daily trends, and increase your followers.

Some advantages of Twitter Ads in digital advertising is that it allows easy access, create intuitive campaigns, without minimum budgets, you find millions of active users, excellent segmentation; however, the bids are not very good and the reach is less than that of Facebook.

What’s Next? Now that you know the advertising platforms, it only remains to take the first step. Set aside a conservative budget to invest in these platforms and discover which one gives you the best results.


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