Top 8 South Africa visiting places


A beautiful and exciting country is South Africa. The beaches, the mountains, the wildlife, and the incredible shores of 2500km can be found in the city. Famous for its gold and diamonds, and also for its sporting passion – rugby in particular. It gives you a real understanding of passion if you have the chance to see the Springboks in action. Like any South African country, it can be difficult to travel to South Africa. Make sure you plan your trip well in order to avoid possible problems. Here are the Top 8 places to visit in South African tour packages:


 1. Table Mountain

 This apartment overlooking Cape Town is one of the most important tourist attractions of all South African visitors, and probably want to reach the top when you’re here. A few options are available, you can take a cable car or you can ride to the top if you are more of an adventurous kind. It certainly is worth the climb, as soon as you reach the summit the views are spectacular. In Table Mountain, there is also a rocky hyrax (a mixture of a skirt and a mouse), swine, mongooses, snakes and tortoises, and some ludicrous monkeys who have been constantly hunting for food.


South Africa is unbelievable and diverse and there are plenty of great places to visit. I hope you will be helped by my top ten. After I left, I recall how true the description of the South African experience on the Big Five Safari website is. In this opening, it reads: “Be warned, you’ll spend the rest of your life longing to go back once you’ve visited our country! ”



2. Robben Island


It’s 7 kilometers from South Africa, 3.3 km long, and 1.9 km broad, Robben Island. Nelson Mandela’s notorious prison is on Robben Island, where he was held for 18 years as a political jailer (1964-1982). The prison is an attraction for poignant and moving visitors and you will see how the prisoners lived on a tour here. You find a replica chair, mat, bowl, and blanket when you come to Nelson Mandela’s 7-foot by 7-foot. A list of the foods served once in prison and separate menus for Black South Africans, Mixed Race/Asians, and white South Africans can be seen outside the cell. From the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, the ferry departs six times a day for Robben Island.


3. Garden Route

The Garden Route, starting from Mossel Bay and finishing off at Storms River, is the most beautiful section on the South East coast of South Africa. On the way to Knysna and Oudtshoorn, there are several great stops including two cities on the list. The Garden Route has ten different nature reserves with dauphins, seals, and the South Right Whale, which is endangered. Almost 300 species of beautiful multicolored birds live in this region in addition to marine life. The Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe can be hired to view the area or on the final African passenger steam train.


 4. Knysna

 In the heart of the Garden Route, Knsyna is a charming town that deserves particular mention. Here it is definitely worth stopping because it is such an excellent place for fun, relaxation, and good food. Due to the wonderful views and relaxing atmosphere, Knysna attracts many artists who give the entire town a bohemian feel. Knysna Heads is an area that appeals both to artists and water sports fans. Here is a lagoon that is ideal for fun “wave jumping” and is also known for its amazing sunsets.


 5. Stellenbosch

The second oldest town was founded in 1679 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The highlight of the city is the amazing 44 cellars wine route. A wide variety of wines are produced in the area and my personal favorite is Pinotage (but everyone has a personal favorite!), whitened as “Cabernet Land.” You will find it very friendly for visitors as you travel from cellar to cellar. Each cellar is clearly marked and many of the cellars offer tours and fantastic lunches in lovely gardens or restaurants. Of course, one or two bottles of local-produced wine will be available for you!


6. Oudtshoorn

 Oudtshoorn may be an unusual choice, but when traveling to South Africa I still think it’s worth a stop. Oudtshoorn is where you can visit if you have ever fancied riding autumn. It is called the South African Ostrich Capital, and you can actually drive here or just sample your eggs. Many hotels have breakfast ostrich eggs and eggs are of course very big and quite tasty. Meat-eaters could like to try the autumn saucers and steaks that are easily available, too. But it’s not just ostriches that render Oudtshoorn. Its stunning landscape makes it popular with cyclists and the wake of Cape Town folly.


 7. Durban

Durban is the third-largest town in South Africa, but the most pleasant is also Durban. Durban is well known for the “Golden Mile,” a range of surfing beaches. There’s still a bonus, as is also a free field of sharks. You can find many hotels, bars, restaurants, shopping, and the Marine World Aquarium in Durban after a relaxing time at the beach. The vast Indian community of Durba is popular with the Victoria Indian Street Market. There are mosques, temples, exotic shops, and restaurants where gourmet Indian cuisine can be sampled.


8. Kruger National Park

Without visiting Kruger National Park, no travel to South Africa will be complete. The park was first developed in 1898 and is the oldest African national park. Five hours north of Johannesburg the Kruger is home to a vast array of fauna including the famous “Big Five” (buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhino). Visitors may rent a 4/14 apartment to discover the park in a bungalow, a caravan, a cabin, a campsite, or a cottage.

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