6 foods that are good for weight loss


Losing weight is almost a daily necessity for all women, but dieting, weight loss pills, and exercise are often harmful to the body or unable to persist. In fact, a reasonable diet, some commonly used ingredients are often eaten, often without exercise, without starvation, can also lose weight quickly, eating the following 6 kinds of food regularly will achieve the effect of weight loss


Apple: First, because it is a low-GI food, the GI value is only 36; second, because it is also a low-calorie food, only 52 calories per 100gBuy Apple and don’t missAmazon UK discount codeat Brand Discount


Sweet potato

Cereals and potatoes are also our essential nutrients every week, and sweet potatoes are one of them. Sweet potatoes can replace rice and pasta is the staple food. It can increase the body’s fullness and reduce food intake. The calories are not high, and it will automatically let us Reduce food intake, while also helping intestinal defecation and other benefits



Tofu is a legume product. Although it has high calories, its GI value is very low, so if we eat very little, it is easy to make us feel full, which plays a role in weight loss, and also clears away heat and detoxifies. Get Amazon’s discount code at NHS Discount Code



Lettuce is very nutritious. It improves sleep, loses weight, and strengthens immunity. Eat fresh vegetables every day. At the same time, it has very low calories and promotes digestion. It prevents excessive nutrition from forming fat accumulation, which can play a good role in weight loss.



Chicken is rich in nutrients contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and is a kind of warming meat, and has very low calories, less than 140 calories per 100 grams, don’t worry about eating more to gain weight, it’s suitable for many meatless meats. Weight loss.


Enoki mushroom

Flammulinavelutipes has very low calories and very little fat, so it can help us to lose weight very well

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