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A ring for your loved one shows a gesture of love. A perfect ring can help to express the words that you don’t have the guts to say. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the right ring for such an occasion. If you don’t like diamond rings, as these are very common or want to look different from the others, an opal ring is an excellent classy option.

With this guide, you will understand well about opal rings and chooses the right one.


What is Opal Gemstone?

Opal is a stone mined out of the earth and polish to give a perfect shiny look. Opal has unique patterns on the surface which are different from each other. The birthstone of opal is the month of October is most suitable for the people having the star sign of Libra.

The name opal is derived from Sanskrit, and the meaning is “A Precious Stone.” In ancient Greek, this stone was named Opallios, meaning “Change of Color.” No doubt the stone has unique characteristics.


Different Uses Of Opal

Opal is a costly gemstone that has many uses. But the common use of opal is in opal rings. There are various rings with opal stone settings as most people go for opal wedding rings to make the event memorable. Opal engagement rings have more durability as compare to rose gold or simulated diamond rings.

Because opal is a real stone that lasts for a long time, that’s why opal as a wedding ring is an ideal use. Furthermore, opal made necklace and bands are also you can buy according to your taste.


Types Opal Rings

When you have made up your mind to buy an opal ring, you will encounter many colorful opal stones in the rings. You can choose your favorite color opal rings, but if you cannot decide which one is good for you w will help you there.

Red Opal Rings

In opal rings, red color is the rarest and expensive color. You will have to struggle a little bit to find a red one.

 The cost of red color opal depends on the shape of the stone. But you should keep in mind that opal comes with color combinations. You can not get a pure red color.

Blue and Purple Color Rings

This is a standard color in opal. There are several opal rings having a blue dominant and sometimes dominant purple color. Blue opal rings are most chosen by the couple for their wedding events. The price of such stone rings is a little bit cheap.

Green and Orange Opals

If you like a green color or orange color you can buy it easily. You can get a common color such as green and orange rings to buy google or browsing Amazon.

Specific Patterns

Most of the opal comes with different unique patterns. So when you are going to buy a ring, you can check the opal design pattern attached to the ring. The price also depends on such patterns. The attractive pattern of opal can cost you more money.

Tips While Buying Opal Rings?

While buying an opal ring, it is essential to keep this important point to consider for the best suitable ring for yourself or your partner.

  • The first step to decide who is going to use the ring. In the market, you will see opal rings for women and men. Both men’s and women’s rings have different designs.
  • The second thing is the size of the stone in the ring. Opal rings come in different stone sizes and ring sizes. To avoid any inconvenience, you should determine it first.
  • For specific event requires specific rings. Opal engagement rings are different from casual rings, so you should consider them.
  • As we discussed above, it comes in many colors to choose from, so you can get your favorite color too.

Guide to Care Opal Rings

When you buy an opal ring, you should take good care of them for long-lasting. For cleaning purposes, you should soak a soft cloth into the water and clean it gently. Keep in mind that no put the opal ring into the water or any chemical as opal is porous. While cleaning with water, avoid any kind of cleaning material because it can affect the ring.

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